First 24 Hours in our 5th Wheel

We bought a brand new cedar creek, yesterday, hoping to help make things easier for us to learn about rvs. We drove it to an rv park to spend a night and really let it all soak in.

Lessons from the past 24 hours…

1. Corners are not your friend while pulling a 40ft trailer

2. “Auto leveling Jacks” are not Auto level until you are experienced in using them.

3. When you push the slides out and the motor is turning but nothing is happening, you still cannot call good sam until you have owned it for 24 hours.

4. Hydraulic fluid dripped and splashed all over an inverter sitting right underneath the tank or all over every electrical wire is something we can not fix by ourselves yet.

5. When you wake up in the morning your slides haven’t magically fixed themselves yet. Now the jacks and landing gear cannot rise either. Your options are to pay for an extra night at the rv park you cannot leave, and hope Good Sam rescues you so you can tow it back to the shop.

6. Good Sam still will not work until your policy is 24 hours old… odd.

7. We purchased the policy with Good Sam approx 3:30 yesterday, we are now waiting for this tornadic Kansas storm to settle in over the Midwest. Yay.

Bonuses… surprisingly we slept like babies, it was quieter in the rv than anywhere either of us had slept, we actually slept in. We are close to the house we are renting so we can run back and forth should the tornadic weather choose this area in Kansas.

Thank god for the poor gentleman who was having pizza delivered and saw our noob flag flying high yesterday. When we pulled in John had only hooked the Reese hitch up one time and never unhooked it. This gentleman was able to help us get unhitched πŸ™‚ He was also a full timer and was willing to help us when we couldn’t get the jacks to work this morning.

We have spent one night total in the rv and we’re still stuck. We had to wait until 4:14pm today because Good Sam said it would take 24 hours for us to show up in their system. At 4:49 they said they could get someone to us with in two hours. The next closest company could come in the morning. We opted for that afternoon. Camping world said they could get us in Tuesday for maintenance, so the plan: get the trailer road ready with the Mobile mechanic from down time, haul it to storage in the morning, then haul it to get service Tuesday.

Good Sam called us back at 7:03 to ask if the service was complete (automated call, nice feature). We selected no in the automated call from Good Sam and they transferred us to the operator again. They told us it would be 15 more minutes and the tech from Down Time Mobile Service would be here. We also found out that we were Good Sam members immediately so the 24 hour thing was not true… oh well at that point.

They called again at 7:45 again we selected no and went through the operator. Again they called Down Time and just another 15 minutes and he would be here.

At 8:32pm we called the Down Time Mobile Service directly, he said he had finished up another job, which he told Good Sam but they had incorrectly informed us. He told us he was leaving the shop right then and would be out to us very soon.

At 9:17pm we called Good Sam again, they called down time again, he claimed he was 10 minutes away this time. Good Sam said they would call back in 10 minutes and if he has not shown up then they would cancel and we would schedule service with another company and file an ETA

9:45 Travis with Down Time Mobile arrives!

10:15… all we had was a blown fuse. He said likely one was already blown and it was running off of the other for jacks and slides and it over powered it. Yup, we are total newbies. Slides are out. What a 26 hours….

So all in the first two days: 1st: hauling, rv park, rv, RV maintenance call, Good Sam calls, and now blown fuses and fixed!


2 thoughts on “First 24 Hours in our 5th Wheel

    • hebardstravels says:

      Pretty relaxing once everything was kind of figured out. We even got the tanks dumped, slides pulled in, jacks up, and hitched the 5th wheel to tow it to the storage facility the next morning! We will really only be able to take it out on the weekends for a couple more months then we can be in it more!

      We are taking it in to figure out the hydraulic fluid leak situation. Hopefully it doesn’t take long to fix! I will update that when we know more.

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