Finding/Financing a 5th Wheel…

We had been working with Camping World of Kansas City over the past couple of weeks to get approval for our loan, and find a fifth wheel. The gentleman who helped us is named Mike Tallo. The first day we worked with him, it was the first time it had rained in months in Kansas or Missouri, and he was more than accommodating to walk around in the rain with us for a few hours, and our friends. He listened to what we were wanting and would be using it for, gave us insight from personal experience, and helped us narrow down the choices. He showed us several 5th wheels from a little smaller to slightly bigger than what we were thinking we wanted, just to give us perspective. He didn’t push or make decisions for us which was really helpful. My husband and I are very aware of sales tactics and there is nothing that turns us off more than someone just trying to make a buck instead of making a connection and helping another. We generally walk away if we feel like were being sold something.

We decided to go ahead and get pre approved because we would need to find at least some of the RV financing through a loan. The loan terms of purchasing an RV are better than a truck so we may even apply all the saved money to pay off the truck and just keep the RV loan longer term. If you haven’t read our other postings: RV loans are not the same as home or vehicle loans. If you are financing between $50,000-100,000, you can get up to 20 years to lower the payments and you can get a much lower APR (dependent on your credit!). So if you compare that to the truck loan a lot of the time the terms are more favorable. With our loan you can also pay it off early without penalty!! John and I are typically very frugal and cautious, so likely, we will be paying it off much faster.

<<-Again! The loan interest is tax deductible, so you really are better off in most scenarios paying the truck loan faster or off with cash and then staying with the RV loan!!->>

We filled some paperwork the day before going in to apply for the loan, and forgot to make an appointment. It was Mike’s day off but he happened to be there, he actually was helping another family purchase an RV. He said to come on out so we did. He had mentioned two cedar creek 5th wheels that were new, 2016, but had been sitting on the lot since April and had not sold. They had marked them down significantly and seemed very reasonable to us. We asked them to open them up and turn a temporary power on so we could see the lights etc. They were both Cedar Creek 36CKTS 2016 models so only one was opened/turned on. It met all of our criteria and then some more. We spent a couple hours looking at it, opening cabinets, trying out couches, chairs, dining seating, bedding and more. We decided this was the right fit for us. It was 39 feet, and had plenty of room for our 4 legged kiddos. In my next article I will go through features and post the photographs, however the photo above is actually our new home!!



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