RV GPS Versus Maps

Navigation is one of those things that seems to be a hot button topic. Among the RV Community there are some that are prideful about the usage of maps, which is honestly a great way to navigate. We chose to go with a GPS that was specific to our RV. Often Laura is working from the road and responding to comments while I drive. We needed the capability of choosing a route and confidence that we could get there safely. It can also be very stressful when you are the navigator looking at a map trying to figure out where you are while driving sometimes.

Many have told us to use Waze, or Google Maps, or the Apple Maps platforms but if you have a large rig, it doesn’t account for what you need it to. Such as bridge height, road width. We narrowed our choices down through RV Reviews and came to two winners.

The Rand McNally Tablet and the Garmin 770

We chose to go with the RV Tablet 80. We found that they have the best prices on Amazon of course but the following were some of the very specific reasons why we chose this tablet over other GPS units on the market.

  1. The suction cup mount actually charges the unit (when plugged into a 12v or USB). We can leave it mounted while following the directions, and we can also take it off easily and detach from cords to change our navigation or settings very easily. The magnet is actually very strong and works very well. The suction cup mount comes with a 9cm cup, due to our truck not having a flat surface on the dash, we also got Arkon Adhesive Suction Cup Mounts (90mm) that allow us to put the suction cup on the dash and not the truck’s windshield.
  2. The addresses are super easy to enter unlike the Garmin GPS we used to have! That was one of my biggest wants as far as features.
  3. You can mount a back up camera and it feeds into the tablet which is super handy with a 5th wheel! At the time of this post it costs $149 from Rand McNally.
  4. Trip Maker is wonderful software for making a road trip. You can put in up to 25 Primary Sites and then add 10 way points in between each one. This makes trip planning super easy.
  5. You can add several details including length, height, width, type of fuel etc. about your vehicle to make sure that your route will be safe and you don’t lose the top of your RV. (As long as your warnings are set correctly.)
  6. You can use this as an actual Android Tablet. I am so tired of learning new platforms for each device. I wish they would simplify the menus (probably because I still prefer Microsoft Windows 1997 format when they had the grey bar menu on the bottom and the start menu was simple!).

After using the device for 2 years we can attest to it being a great selection. We have used it on every RV trip and we have never had to turn around because of a low bridge or a bad road. There are some times where it chooses a funny road to go on, however, it has always led us to our destination safely. We have enjoyed taking the scenic route and avoiding some of the nightmares we hear about on RV travel days.

If you have any questions about the device please leave us comments below, we have enjoyed using it and will be relying on this a lot while out on the road!
Safe Travels!
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