Aerial Photography: DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4:

This is one of the newest drones available for entry level up to advanced users. They have added features for new pilots to create a more stable learning platform with out the sharp learning curve. We chose this over the previous models for one thing, obstacle avoidance. According to people who have actually tried to wreck their drones, it does not avoid power lines or chain link fences. Things that are really great, it will not destroy humans or pets. Strangely, being a vet tech, I have actually helped to treat a pet who was injured by a drone, we lovingly coined it little dog-little drone not to be confuse with little dog-little dog (for anyone in the veterinary field).

This model upgraded the gimble (what holds the camera) and added another arm so the video is more stable, one user also commented that it reduces the incidence of having rotary blades appear in your videos (that’s spiffy).

For the controls you can choose to follow a subject (and with obstacle avoidance you are not going to attack them). It can follow them or circle the subject which makes really cool sports and actions videos. Kimber (Our mutt) will probably be too distracted to do anything cool around the drone, but Bullet (the lab) would most likely carry on with his antics allowing us to make great videos.

This Drone is faster, the battery lasts longer, has twice as many sensors, and is super responsive to touch and surroundings. You control this with a tablet or cell phone provided by yourself which is really a blessing and a curse. Curse: You might kill your cell phone having too much fun, Blessing: You don’t have yet another tablet to take care of. When you go from a house —> RV. Downsizing the computer, cell phone, tablet, TV, projector, GPS, gadgets etc. that you originally had for each individual can now be multipurpose and shared 🙂

The only thing that I would love for them to seriously consider doing…. Create a drone that can scuba dive with me. The Go Pro Hero4 Black does a phenomenal job keeping up with me however it would be cool to set it to just follow me. I should totally start making that…

Anyways if you want more information or have any questions let us know:

To order or for more technical  product information visit : DJI Phantom 4

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